Basque Movie at the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival 2007

“Erori eta Berriz Asi” (Falling and Trying Again) movie presented at the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival. Inserted from VMFF website 2007  about her film and biography.

Josune Bereziartu is the unrivaled “first lady” of sport climbing – first woman to redpoint 5.14b (Honky Tonky, 1998); first to redpoint 5.14c (Honky Mix, 2000); first to redpoint 5.14c/d (Bain de Sang, 2002); first to redpoint 5.14d (Bimbaluna, 2005); and on May 2005 when she clipped the chains of El Percal on her third try, she tagged another female first: redpointing 5.14b in a day. This year, she managed to onsight 5.14a/b (Hidrofobia) as the first woman.

Josune does not limit herself to short sporty routes on crags and excels also on bigger rock walls. She recently onsighted Divina Comedia in the Pyrenees (5.13a), a 300 m endurance problem. And she also climbs big alpine routes on rock, snow and mix. Says Josune: “My natural style is a homogenous, overhanging long wall, in which the climbing style is long resistance over small and positive edges. But during my nearly 17 years of climbing and training, my goal has been always, and still is, to be regular in all styles of climbing, pushing my weaknesses. Now my residual climbing level in any style is very high, and so because of that I can climb so fast at the highest level.” [JB]

Josune comes from San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Spain, a mystical land of wild countryside and fierce people speaking in a tongue unrelated to any other language. She is obsessively dedicated to climbing, very meticulous in her preparation and actual climbing: she says her good season lasts for 4-6 weeks, and then she goes back home for another 4-month long cycle of training. In spite of her scientific approach she is also friendly, passionate and loving, a great person to be around. She is a climber who wants to have fun when she climbs and she enjoys everything that revolves around the mountains – climbing, mountaineering, hiking and how it is all connected to nature.

Bereziartu’s VIMFF North American premiere presentation “Erori eta Berriz asi” (Falling and Trying Again) will consist of two parts. In the first part Josune will touch upon her hardest ascents on crags, big rock wall and alpine faces, her training and her motivation. In the second part, consisting mainly of images, she is in her own words trying to say “that the most important thing is to try something and go on and go on…may be in one of those tries you will get the top…perhaps but the most important thing is to be brave to try to get what you are dreaming…In between there are dozens of falls, bad days, desilusionated days. From all over those you need to be strong and keep on going further always.” [JB]

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Where: Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver (exit 18 off Trans Canada Highway)
When: Saturday, February 24, 7:30 (doors open and reception starts at 6:30 pm)
Tickets: $ 15 in advance, $ 17 at the door. Advance tickets available online at, at MEC (Vancouver and North Vancouver), and at the Centennial Theatre Box Office, (604) 984-4484.