Get Basque cider at “Txotx”

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A little bit about them:

From their website
Txotx Basque Imports is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing the best of Euskal Herria to Canada. There is a deep respect for local ingredients and traditional methods in Basqueland. Txotx Imports seeks to highlight and introduce products which typify the love and respect of their producers. Dry and complex apple cider naturally fermented in massive ancient oak barrels, bright and cleansing Txakolí made from grapes grown along sea-swept cliff-side vineyards, the world’s finest seafood hand-picked and preserved at the height of its excellence, subtly smoked cheese crafted from the milk of Basque sheep roaming amongst rolling verdant hills. We at Txotx Imports understand that the most complex and beautiful products are made with a light touch and a profound love for the land of their birth.