Leeteg Room Menu from Martin Berasategui’s trained Chefs

Article about the Chefs at a new restaurant ‘The Leeteg Room’ in Vancouver.

To read full article here from the Waldorf Hotel website.

The menu for our our newly launched Leeteg Room was created by Ernesto Gomez (Nuba), Pedro Martin (Jaleo) and Cesar de la Parra (Nuba). All three trained together under the notoriously brutal brigade of three Michelin Star Chef Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

At Martin’s restaurant, every day top chefs from around the world arrive and every day chefs escape through the windows in the change rooms.

There is no pay or salary and staff are given only the food they need to survive. Chefs go to learn and compete in the harshest kitchen circumstances of Europe. Working 16 hour days and living in the basement on bunk beds is only the beginning. Abuse, aggression and discipline are the order of the day.

The only motivation that will keep a chef there is a real passion for food and a desire to be the best. At the end of a long and gruelling “stage” the only thing chefs are given is a metal spoon. The metal spoon is a gift given by Martin that represents integrity, discipline, sweat and blood.

Our 3 amigos got those spoons. And now, they offer them to patrons of The Leeteg Room in honour of tradition and passion for great food, nothing more.