Maddie Oihenart Concert

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The Zazpiak Bat Basque Society


Maddi Oihenart

on tour through North America

When: October 11th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
Where: St. James Hall, 3214 w.10th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Admission: $15.00
Everyone welcome

For tickets, please email Elena at

As part of the ongoing Cultural Tour Series, Basque Canadian communities are offered an opportunity to hear one of the best voices of Zuberoa when Maddie Oihenart visits Vancouver in October 2008.

Excerpt taken

form the Syntorama website about Maddi.

Maddi Oihenart: voice
Juantxo Zeberio Etxetxipia: piano
Txema Garcés: double bass
Pello Ramirez: txelo and accordion

There is no doubt that Maddi Oihenart is one of the most fascinating, precious and genuine voices that has ever been heard in Basque popular music.

Nobody like Maddi represents and enriches the singing style of Zuberoa, a region in the French side of the Basque Country that has been wise enough to keep alive the local shepherd’s songs, a rural tradition they feel so proud of, they respect and love so much.

Maddi Oihenart’s way of singing cannot be ruled by genders or stylistic bounds: it is based upon “a capella” singing that poures out of the soul of the people that, like herself, live and feel in the mountains. She can only follow the measure of the wind, she will keep no other rhythm than the one leadered by nature, feeling, intuition. And her voice, pure deepness and sensibility, can only be attached to the magic of a mythic land, that alike her, appears as Basque as universal.

Of course, Maddi Oihenart has been an essential part in many recordings of popular music from Zuberoa. But her interest goes furhter: with “Ihargi Min” (Metak, 2003), signed by Maddi Oihenart and Josetxo Goia-Aribe, she doesn´t leave popular music but decides to step forward into the language of jazz, a world that is not exactly strange to her. A nice surprise.

That was the beginning of a singular way in which she keeps walking and enjoying herself, and where she introduces now her most personal and determined proposal: “Hari biru”: Maddi Oihenart, free as ever, sings together with a contemporary band and invites us to join her world, a calm, absorbing, real, non-contaminated land, where she lives together with poetry and renewed folk. Life looks different from Zuberoa. So sounds Maddi’s voice.

Until recently, Maddi Oihenart was best known for her work in conjunction with other singers and musicians in a wide range of projects. “Hari biru”, her first solo album and live show, brings together her country’s essence, its peace of mind and eternal reminiscences, all woven together by her splendid, privileged voice, always fine, warm and exuberant, in original compositions based on modern Basque poetry. The arrangements by Juantxo Zeberio, as musical director and also composer of some of the songs, wrap Maddi’s musical sentiments in gentleness and simplicity.

Both naked and refined, human and heavenly, “Hari biru” captivates and leads us by the hand through the ins and outs of our dreams, then awakens us, smiling tranquilly, in the cradle of Maddi Oihenart’s amazing voice.