Nömadak Tx movie to be presented at the Vancouver Film Festival 2007

A basque movie will be aired at The Vancouver Film Festival 2007.

Dates: Granville 7, October 2 (10 a.m.), October 5 (3 p.m.), and October 10 (9:15 p.m.)


The link to their website http://www.nomadaktx.com/

Sypnosis taken from their website

The txalaparta is a unique musical instrument played by two people.
The music resulting from this union doesn’t belong to either of them,
but instead to the idea of them joining together and communicating.
Nömadak Tx is a creative documentary, that tells the story based on
Harkaitz Martinez’s and Igor Otxoa’s dream. These two musicians
want the txalaparta to become a meeting point, not only between two
people, but between very different cultures.
Pushed by this dream, Igor and Harkaitz travel to the north of India,
to Laponia, to Mongolia and to the Sahara desert. The txalaparta
becomes then a place where new things are born through musical
dialogue.  The time they shared living among the adivasi –the lowest
cast-, with the sami, with a tsaatan community and with the Saharahui
folk, opens them up to new realities.
It’s not a comfortable journey. We are looking for the real thing,
everyday sounds you hear when you meet people. On horseback in
Mongolia, by train from Bombay, traversing the desert in Algeria,
skiing in the limits of the artic polar circle, the txalaparta can be heard.