Club Activities

Euskara (Basque Language) Classes

As of November 2012, our club is proudly offering evening Basque Language classes to its members. They are held once a week on Thursday nights and are taught by a native basque teacher.  Contact us for more information.

Annual Mus Tournament

Every summer, our club hosted its Mus Tournament at Nicola Ranch, nearby the small town of Merritt, BC.  Members and friends united for a long weekend amidst one of the largest cattle ranches in Canada. It was a great time for families to play mus surrounded by nature, make connections with other members and promote the Basque culture to the younger generations. Unfortunately, Nicola Ranch has stopped opening their doors for overnight guests and we are currently looking for a similar place to held future Mus tournaments.

Basque Festivities Picnics and Diners

Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Aberri Eguna
San Fermin Picnic
Andra Mari Picnic
Olentzero and Euskara Day Dinner

Basque Movie Nights

As permitted, the club likes to host Basque Movie Nights.  In the coming year, more effort will be made to bring the latest Basque cinema to our club members and friends.
Vacas by Julio Medem
The Last Link
Vaya Semanita, humor TV series by EITB productions
Ocho Apellidos Vascos
Urte Berri on, Amona

Basque cultural promotion

Tapia ta Leturia(1996)
Coro de Camara Gaztelupe (1998)
Arrantzaleak Basque French Folk Music (1999)
Ugarte Anaiak Txalaparta Taldea (2001)
Biotzetik Basque Choir (2003)
Maskarada Theater Company (2006)
Juan Mari Beltran and his band (2007)
Maddi Oihenart (2008)
Urko Menaia (2011)
International Mus Tournament (2012)

Gaztemundu (Basque Government)

In the past many of our youth participated in this incredible journey back to their basque origins hosted and sponsored it by the Basque Government. Check this link for more information.

Udaleku (Nabo)

Every year NABO sponsors, and a Basque club hosts Udaleku, a two-week Basque Culture Summer Youth Camp.  Participants have the opportunity to learn more about their Basque heritage while having fun and making new friends. In the past our club has been represented in this program by the youngest members. 2016 Udaleku will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from July 10 to 22.